TRUE STORIES > paintings

coca cola dogs cats st francis black cats
oil on panel
48” x 36” (SOLD)
joan of arc playground tommy's ziggy
oil on panel
30” x 36” (SOLD)
The Long Ride
oil on panel
48" x 60"
water siren encaustic mixed media
oil and mixed media on panel
20” x 16” (SOLD)
dreads weave water african american women Cleveland Lake Erie Edgewater Park
charcoal and watercolor on panel
48” x 24” (SOLD)
blue bags birth of venus boticelli water shell
oil on panel
48" x 36" (SOLD)
red shoes dance camera tiki carve rockabilly
oil on panel
48” x 48” (SOLD)
She’s a Little Sheepish
oil on panel
36” x 48” (SOLD)
madonna and child mary iPhone black lab new mexico
oil on panel
48" x 36" (SOLD)
candy candy land big fun hansel gretel wicked witch steve presser
oil on panel
72" x 48" (SOLD)
The Glass Shield
ink, watercolor, gold on wood panel
12” x 12” (SOLD)
Shielding Her Subjects
oil on canvas
36" x 48"
cooking dancing grandma planting throwing ceramics kali durga multitask
oil on panel
48" x 30"
adam and eve hose ribs rubber duck apple grilling ribs
oil on panel
48”x 60” (SOLD)
net girls sirens singing earbuds
mixed media on panel
12” x 12” (SOLD)

This body of work revisits familiar stories and reinterprets the themes, imagery, and lessons through the contemporary eyes of friends and family. The stories are drawn from mythology, the Bible, fairy tales, fables, famous works of art and the narratives around various deities. Each piece refers to a story from the past and but remains biographically based on the subjects depicted. I consider these works to be collaborative storytelling.