While planning my sister’s wedding, I struggled to help personalize the event to fit my sister and her fiancé. I was struck by the uniform expectations involved in the wedding industry and focused on the notion of veiling and unveiling a woman who chooses to marry. These images of veiled brides were intriguing and yet profoundly disturbing. Were we to believe these women were invisible or anonymous before reaching the altar? At this time the “Coors Twins” inundated the media, and I understood that the wedding industry entertains the same exploitative theories for product sale.

I initiated the series to explore the veil through which we view women and women view the world. With this collection, I am attempting to demystify these veils and their power to strip women of control over their value, image and self-worth. More often than not veils are disguised as slick ads, often overlooked by both men and women as images of beauty. I hope that by labeling these images and displaying them prominently before the eyes of the women who are my family and friends, we may understand that the veil covers us all.