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adam and eve snake gold leaf watercolor
Daughter of Eve
charcoal and watercolor with gold leaf on paper
52" x 27" (SOLD)

Adam & Eve

Both women and men have twelve pairs of ribs. Ribs are one of the few bones that continue to make red marrow and can actually regenerate themselves. When a rib is removed it will grow back and the person will be as good as they were before it as removed.

Eve, a.k.a., “The mother of all living,” was said to be born of Adam’s rib. It is one of the few bones mentioned by name in Scripture. The ribs protect our hearts and our lungs, as a cage protects a pet bird. The ribs help us breathe, move, twist, and bend. Without the production of the red blood cells in our ribs, our blood wouldn’t carry enough oxygen to our brain and we’d be incapable of thinking.