Hung Up on Something
mixed media on board
14" x 18"
Too Heavy
oil on canvas
18" x 24"
Pinned Up
watercolor, ink, dress patterns
14" x 11" (SOLD)
Ups & Downs
charcoal on paper
30" x 22"
Ups & Downs- Supergirls
etching & monoprint
24" x 18"
long hair teen girl beauty standard
oil on panel
24" x 18"
New Perspective
oil on board
48" x 24"
dancer, ballet, stretch, women in art,
watercolor on board
22" x 15"

I am creating a series of prints, paintings and drawings based on teenage girls' relationships with their own beauty standards, bullying in high school and how this affects the way they see themselves and interact in the world.

To continue this series, I would like to investigate the beauty standards held by young women and use these women as subjects in my work. This process will involve discussing the ways they address and internalize beauty standards and bullying in school, and creating a body of work that interprets their experiences. I hope to bring light and compassion to the struggles of our girls that are so often hidden and internalized.

For the young women willing to participate in my project, I am asking for the consent of their parents/guardians in allowing me to photograph their daughters and use their likeness and insights in creating my series. Parents are invited to be present during the photo shoot. The photographs are being used as references for my paintings and illustrations. I will not use the full names of students or any private or identifying information about them, regardless of where my work is exhibited. Parents and models will not receive financial compensation or other royalties should a piece of artwork be sold.

I believe this will be an intrinsically valuable experience for girls to reflect on and examine their own feelings about beauty and how it affects their view of themselves and how they move through the world. I also believe it will be beneficial as these young women better understand and participate in this creative process.
My request is for volunteers only; this is not a project affiliated with any school or company.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns and visit my website where you can see more of my artwork and find out more information about me.

If you would like to be a model for this series of work you must sign the contract below:

Model Contract